Bank Guarantees

The provision of Bank Guarantees


1) Types of Guarantees:

- bank guarantee to secure the application for the participation in the contest or auction (up to 5% of the contract amount);

- bank guarantee to secure a state contract (up to 30% of the contract amount);

- bank guarantee to secure the refund of the advance payment (up to 30% of the contract amount);

- bank guarantee to secure a commercial contract (up to 30% of the contract amount).


2) The amount of Guarantees:

The minimum amount - 500 000 rubles.

The maximum amount of the guarantee - more than 1 billion rubles.


3) The terms of Guarantees:

From 1 month up to 3 years.


4) The list of documents required for the obtaining of the Guarantee:

  1. an application form for a Guarantee;
  2. links to the auction / tender documentation, the report of summarizing, the draft contract;
  3. financial statements (Forms 1 and 2) for the last six reporting periods (quarterly);
  4. TIN certificate;
  5. extract from USRLE (Unified State Register of Legal Entities);
  6. scans of passports/ passport datas of the Founders, CEO, Chief Accountant;
  7. the organization's charter.


5) The procedure for obtaining Guarantejghtltkztncze

  1. Customer has to fill out an application for the issuance of a Bank Guarantee, as well to send the financial statements and the link to tender or contract for which you want a Guarantee
  2. After a rapid analysis of the documents (1-2 days) is determined the Guarantor Bank
  3. Sending of other documents required by the bank
  4. After receipt of all documents, the credit committee is being organized, on which the bank decides to issue the Guarantee.
  5. After a positive decision of the credit committee, there is a formalization of credit agreement, an agreement on a bank guarantee and the issuance of the Guarantee.
  6. Payment of the commission for a Bank Guarantee for the Bank (from 2.5 to 7% per annum). The cost depends on the amount of Guarantee, term, the client, the financial statements of the borrower.
  7. Commission payment of our company is under a contract for provided services. Commission depends on the format of the deal, the amount, term of the guarantee, statement of the borrower.