The process of assistance of Silver Apple in financing of business and projects consists of several stages




I. Preliminary activities


1. Preliminary interview

During the initial negotiations with the potential Customer, we explore the general information about his current situation and needs, make a preliminary analysis of possible solutions. At this stage, determines the mutual interest in cooperation between Customer and Silver Apple, possible areas and conditions of cooperation and objectives of Silver Apple.

Based on results of interview, Silver Apple provides to a Customer prior Commercial Offer with the goals and objectives of cooperation, with a general description of the possible types and conditions of work and holding of preliminary diagnostics. After agreement of conditions and timing of diagnostics, between the Parties signed a general Agreement on attracting financing, as well as the appropriate Statement of Work, in which are determined the general types, terms and conditions of holding of diagnostics and works by Silver Apple that are necessary for solving Customer’s problems. The final agreement of conditions and types of work performs by Parties according to the results of preliminary diagnosis.

2. Preliminary complex diagnostics of Borrower (project)

This stage starts after the interview with the Customer and signing of Agreement about attraction of financing and Statement of Work.

At this stage, Silver Apple together with the Customer are making collection and analysis of all information and documents that are required for the formation of objective and adequate understanding of the current and future situation of the Borrower (project) and development of detailed recommendations for solving posed problems. These include: direction and features of the borrower's business, its profitability, the term of company's existence, the aim of financing, availability, types and liquidity of security, the current needs, the potential for development, conjuncture of market conditions of required services, etc.

Necessarily conducting an expertise of financial (accounting and management reports of the last four reporting periods) and legal (the basic registration, founding and other documents), as well as other (contracts, agreements, correspondence, etc.) documents of the Customer.

On this stage the company Silver Apple also conducts preliminary consultations with banks and other financial institutions - potential investors to determine their interest in financing of Borrower (project).

Based on results of diagnostics, Silver Apple submits to the Customer a written or oral Report, in which formulates conclusions about a real situation of Borrower (project), a concept of Silver Apple about optimal opportunities and conditions of satisfaction of Customer needs. This concept bases on the situation of the Customer (project) that was determined during the diagnosis, including the optimal scheme and financing conditions (loan, line of credit, leasing, factoring, etc.) and provides a concrete recommendations. After the customer will approve the Report, Silver Apple represents to the Customer a full Commercial Offer by types, conditions and terms of performance of necessary work, after this together with the customer prepares a detailed Statement of Work and Action Plan.


II. Providing of written or oral consultations


Based on results of preliminary interview with the Customer and comprehensive diagnosis of the Borrower (project), Silver Apple forms detailed recommendations about the best ways of solving customer’s problems, as well as about the set of activities needed for elimination of existing internal and external financial, legal and managerial barriers. These recommendations can be given to the Customer, both in writing and orally.

Actually it is about a comprehensive consultation of the Customer on all major aspects of financial and economic activities, which usually gives to the customer the opportunity to solve obvious and hidden problems, that are often even outside the field of view of the auditors of the company.

In accordance with the recommendations, Customer can decide about independent actions for solving of existing problems, or to entrust the implementation of necessary measures to Silver Apple. In this case, the Customer and Silver Apple are discussing types and conditions of required work and signing the relevant documents.


III. Proximate measures for attracting of financing


At this stage, Silver Apple alone or together with the partners, who are involved by agreement with the Customer, is implementing a complex of actions required for achieving of set goals and attracting of financing for the Borrower (project) in accordance with the parameters specified in the Statement of Work (Appendix № 1 to the Agreement on attracting of financing).


IV. Additional related measures (including jointly with the involved partners)


In the case of objective necessity, Consultants are ready independently, or with the help of partner, provide to the Customer additional related services necessary for solving the posed tasks and/or for elimination of the existing problems, such as:

  • Expertise and consulting on economic and legal aspects of financial transactions with counterparties
  • Preparation and expertise of Feasibility studies and Business plans.
  • Building of effective financial and accounting system
  • Includes comprehensive works on the organization and reorganization of the current system of financial management, planning and control to improve the efficiency of using own and borrowed funds, cash flow management, the optimal organization of accounting processes and reduce of internal and external financial risks, including within the framework of the general structure of management of the company.
  • Setting of management accounting.
  • Conducting by wish of the Customer, or in case of need to obtain complete and authentic information about the financial situation of the Customer in connection with a high probability of refusal (or because of already existing  refusals) of the bank in financing without elimination of the problems of balance. The primary goal is to obtain objective information about the situation of the company (also for the owners) and implementation of existing balance deficiencies.
  • Implementation of measures for increasing the liquidity of the company, including the improvement of the financial and balance figures.
  • Tax consulting
  • Support. Conducts for the Customer in case of the objective need in services of support, consulting, and expertise of the financial aspects of doing business on a permanent basis.
  • Assistance to the Customer in the development of his own business, including the representation of his interests on all or some particular issues in the status of Financial or Business Attorney.
  • Finance Attorney- support of all financial operations of the Client with the right on his behalf, by his errand and in his interests to negotiate, to do correspondence and other actions without the authority to sign on behalf of a Client his financial and other documents that are presume the imposing of any obligations on the Client.
    • Business Attorney (Business Partner) – similar to Financial Attorney, but extends to all business activity of the Client, including not only financial, but also all business issues of the Client.