For banks

The most claimed products
  • Organization of interbank credit.
  • Assistance in obtaining of fiduciary loan with the attraction of your Russian partner banks.
  • Organization of market bond loan.
  • Monitoring of the borrower on the territory of Russian Federation for Western financial institution.

Comprehensive solution for your Bank.

  • Reengineering of the current financial and organizational business processes of the bank, building of model of strategic development, elaboration and introduction of measures for effective solution of  prospective and current problems.
  • Formation of an optimal functional and organizational structure of the bank as a whole or its separate independent units considering the effective solving of posed tasks, reduction of overheads and minimization of non-financial risks. The construction of optimal model of units’ interaction.
  • Full complex of actions for increasing the attractiveness of the bank as a financial and strategic partner for counterparties - financial and commercial entities on the domestic and international markets, including marketing strategy, the formation of a positive image, overt and hidden advertising and so on.
  • Assistance in developing and implementing of  the new and the most demanded on the market banking and financial products
  • Assistance for Expansion and retention of the customer base by improving the quality of existing and offering of new services, as well as the provision of related services (audit, evaluation, financial consulting, project management, etc.)  that directly influence on the development of Customer’s business.
  • Assistance in the development of the relations of the bank on the Russian interbank market.
  • Development of recommendations and assist in the establishment and development of cooperation with leading foreign banks and international financial institutions (IFC, EBRD, The World Bank, Fitch, Moody's, RusRaiting, etc.) in order to establish correspondent relations, opening and maintaining of accounts, obtaining of  limits, conduction of international payments, including in documentary form, attraction of investment and syndicated loans, participation in international financial programs and projects, receiving of international credit ratings and so on. Representation of the Customer’s interests at the indicated institutions.
  • Complex support of the bank by indicated and other services on the basis of the strategic partnership, including at the status of the Finance Attorney.