For corporate clients

The most claimed products

  • Attracting of foreign currency and ruble loans
  • Organization of market bond loan.
  • Organization of financing of import under the security of the western ECA (Export Credit Agencies) - trade finance.
  • Organization of fiduciary crediting involving your Russian partner banks.


Comprehensive solution for Your business.

  • Conducting of a comprehensive financial and accounting diagnostics of the company in the interests of owners and management with intent to get a reliable information about the situation financial processes, and to determine the attractiveness of the company as a potential borrower and partner
  • Building of effective financial and accounting system of management of the company.
  • Providing of recommendations, elaboration and implementation of measures for the restructuring of the company, improving of the effectiveness work on financial recourses management, improving of financial and accounting discipline.
  • Development of recommendations and implementation of a set of measures for improving the balance and actual liquidity of the company, including a potential borrower. Includes the implementation of non-liquid or non-core assets, the formation of the object of pledge, optimization and improving of quality of receivables and payables. Improving of effectiveness of use of borrowed financial funds
  • Development of financial strategy and borrowing strategy of the company and selection of optimal schemes and sources of financing of business (loans, leasing, factoring, trade finance, investment).
  • Preparation of feasibility studies, business plans and investment memorandums.
  • Expertise of existing and future financial actions and transactions implemented by the company, and to provide recommendations to optimize their use.
  • Assistance in the performance of debt liabilities to the company by counterparties.
  • Comprehensive support and representation of interests of the company in its financial relationships with partners, customers and financial institutions, including the status of the Finance Attorney.