Foreign currency loans from foreign banks

Attraction of foreign currency loan from the foreign bank on the following conditions:


Amount – up to 100 million USD.

Period – 3 - 5 years.

Purpose – 1) financing/ refinancing of contracts for the supply of liquid assets, equipment, machinery (preferably, but not necessarily import); 2) refinancing of costs for the purchasing (construction) of acting office or shopping centers (compulsory condition – center must earn a stable income sufficient for the cover the repayments of the loan.

Pledge – equipment, machinery, real estate for financed contracts + pledge of the right of claim for the payment of funded facilities

Rate – Libor + 5-7% per annum + Arrangement fee – 1-1,5% flat (rate specified preliminarily and can be adjusted according to the creditor). Possible lending at fixed rate.

Repayment – quarterly.

Restrictions: credit is not available for the funding of illiquid facilities, financial transactions (including the purchase of securities) and under the future cash flows.